More often than not, people complain that they’re living in a bad neighborhood just because they have a few noisy neighbors or because a mugging may occur there once in a blue moon. We take for granted the fact that almost every one of us has running water, heat, electricity, and access to the Internet. However, there are a lot of people who are not so blessed to have these basic amenities, and live in slums that are really plagued by crime, drugs, and disease.

10. Cite-Soleil, Port au Prince, Haiti

cite soleil

Cite-Soleil is situated on the outskirts of Port au Prince, Haiti, and although it has a very exotic name (Cite-Soleil means Sun City), it is nothing like what you would imagine it to be. First of all, the city has no sewage system and is made up of hovels. All the garbage and excrement are present in stagnant puddles that are infested with mosquitoes. Like you would expect, the life expectancy isn’t very high here (it is in the low 50s). Police never visit Sun City, which means that dangerous drug lords are able to control the streets.

The Red Cross mentions that this town is a melting pot of all the ills present in Haiti, which include illiteracy, insanitary conditions, armed violence, drug dealing, unemployment, and more. Back in 2004, the United Nations tried to restore some order to the town, and sent thousands of troops to battle with the drug gangs. Order was restored for a brief period of time, but nowadays Sun City is still filled with violence.