Even though there is a lot of public dissent regarding the police, the fact that they are responsible for us safely sleeping in our beds every night cannot go unnoticed. Technology has improved over the years, leading to more and more chances of criminals making illicit use of it in order to commit crimes for their own personal good. But law enforcement isn’t lagging behind, either, since newer technologies also leads to better methods of detecting crime and dealing with it. So, without any further ado, here are the top 10 technologies which the police will probably use in the years to come:

1. Super Recognizers

future_cops (10)

Super-recognizers are basically people who can never forget a face that they see. Though it seems uncanny, it’s true, and a lot of police officers in London have already harnessed this trait by recruiting 200 super-recognizers into their police force. It goes without saying that the applications of super recognizers will be useful in both petty and big crimes. Even though it’s not technically a technology, but since this ability is quite advantageous, we doubt that there would be a police force left that wouldn’t have a super-recognizer in the near future.