Even though the concept of life hacks to get done with our daily mundane tasks and necessities in a smart way is amazing, often there are times that one might wish that there would be some sort of device that could do it for you. Even though today’s smartphones doubles up as a music player, an alarm clock, a calculator, a remote control and much more, there’s no doubt that it still has its limitations. With that in mind, here are 10 of the weirdest and the smartest inventions that we’ve ever seen:

1. Toothpaste Tube Squeezer


As the name suggests, the toothpaste squeezer ends your struggle of vigorously squeezing out every last bit of toothpaste so that it doesn’t go to waste.

2. CATable


We all know that cats are notorious for always sitting on your keyboard or paperwork whenever you work. And even though it feels cute and you can always pet them, it can get in your way when there’s something important coming up and you need to get it done urgently. For that exact purpose, this CATable will keep your cat busy while you work on that project to get it done before the deadline.

3. Cup Holder Umbrella


Why should the rain interrupt your daily routine of sipping on coffee when going to work/coming back home? With this cup holder umbrella, you can easily enjoy the caffeine rush while feeling the cool and relaxing rain.

4. Spaghetti Measuring Tool


Yep. Say goodbye to inconsistent quantities of cooked spaghetti due to rough guesses. Easily select the amount you want to eat by filling the space of your choice with spaghetti (yes, the last one is a horse, for those who eat like a beast)

5. Pizza Scissors Spatula


More often than not, a pizza cutter leads to inconsistent sizes, thus being the subject of debate regarding who got the larger piece. Forgetting that and concentrating on the more important pizza is now as easy as buying these pizza scissors spatula.

6. Baby Shower Cap


Shower cap modified in an umbrella form will definitely keep your little one happy during bath time.

7. Rotating 360 Lego Sockets


Because traditional sockets just aren’t fun enough, there’s rotate-able lego sockets to spice it up.

8. Reusable Candle Holder


Why let the candle wax go to waste when you can clearly use it once again with this candle wax holder?

9. Universal Wrapping Paper


A one-stop wrapping paper solution for all the gifts you’ll ever need to send! Just make sure to choose the correct occasion in the paper and mark it, pack it and send it!

10. Rolling Bench

rolling bench

Tired of waiting forever for that bus but can’t sit down because of the wet bench, the rotating bench will give you the space you need to sit and wait.