9. Singing Mice


More often than not, scientists usually conduct an experiment regarding genetic change with a goal to meet. But in some exceptional cases, they just introduce a bunch of genes into a mouse and wait to observe the changes that occur. Out of this trial and error method, they noticed one of the most bizarre observations ever: the genetic changes in the mouse occurred in the way that it sounds too. The researchers carrying out the project noticed this one morning as one of the baby mice started ‘chirping like a bird’.

Needless to say that the scientists’ curiosity didn’t end there, and they went a step further to breed those mice and now have over 100 mice which can sing. But a more important trait seen was that when regular mice were placed around the litter of singing mice, they began to use different tones and sounds as well, something similar to a new trend of clothes that everyone wears, or a new iPhone that everyone gets their hands on. Even though the goal or the applications of ‘singing mice’ are unknown, the project’s goal is to artificially speed up evolution to notice what would be the changes in a specific species after many years from now. So singing mice is not their priority list right now.