Some of us are perfectly fine with ordering a pizza at night when we don’t feel like cooking, while others feel the need to go to a fancy restaurant at least once a week. However, chances are that even if you are splurging on nice dinners, it is highly unlikely that you’re spending nearly as much as the people that visit the following ten restaurants.

10. Masa (New York City)

Masa (New York City) , Sushi, Restaurant

Considered to be the best sushi restaurant in New York, Masa offers you a lot of different exotic seafood flown in straight from Japan. It is located in the Time Warner Center, right next to Per Se, another extremely expensive restaurant. Chef Masayoshi Takayama decided to open this restaurant back in 2004, after he had a lot of success with a different one in Los Angeles.

He is said to be a perfectionist and always makes sure to keep track of what his customers eat and how they react to the food. Because he always makes sure that you only get the finest dishes, it’s not a big surprise that the restaurant is featured on this list. You should expect to pay up to $600 for a multi-course prix fixe menu in Masa that includes five different appetizers, a sushi entrée with up to 20 different types of exotic seafood, and a dessert at the end of the course, all of which will be served to you over the time period of three hours.

9. Misoguigawa (Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto)

Misoguigawa (Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto)

If you want to experience what it’s like eating French food using chopsticks, you should definitely go to this restaurant. Misoguigawa was once a teahouse, but now offers visitors a chance to try French food with a Japanese twist. If you want to try a multicourse meal, you should expect to pay around $270 with tax. You’ll also have to order it five days in advance!

If that’s too pricey for you, then you may consider ordering the eight-course seasonal menu, which will set you back just $162 with tax. Some of the most notable dishes in this restaurant include filet of Wagyu beef, mushroom consommé that comes in a flaky pastry, and chocolate marquise with berries. In case money is not an issue for you, know that the restaurant offers a few private rooms where you can enjoy a specialized dining experience.