Devils Bridge Sedona, Arizona


Is Devils Bridge Sedona actually a bridge? Technically I guess it is not but who cares – its still scary looking!  It has been formed naturally and is now part of a popular trail in Arizona that is taken by people from all over the world. it is 50ft high and can be found in the Sedona desert and is mainly popular due to the views that can be had from it.

Looking at the pictures however, I would not like to be the person walking across it when it finally breaks. That is surely going to happen one day right? Nature will eventually see it wither away. Let’s hope that is not too soon though as it does look rather cool if not a little bit on the scary side.

Keshwa Chaca, Peru Oldest Surviving Inca Rope Bridge


Welcome to one of the worlds oldest rope bridges. Found in Peru, the Keshwa Chaca is the only remaining Inca rope bridge in existence. It sits more than 200 feet in the air, is about 120 feet long and is made from woven grass. The bridge now serves as more of a tourist attraction and reminder of the countries Incan past more than anything else. Just by looking at it you can see just how advanced the Incans were with regards to engineering.

As for walking on it – you can bet that it is a scary experience if not a cool one. The way that it sags down in the middle is the bit that really concerns me. However, thousands if not millions of people have crossed this bridge in the past so you would have to assume that it is more than safe enough.