We all love to eat – well we have to if we want to survive but you would not believe the sorts of animals that some people across the world are happy to consume. Whether its frogs legs, spiders, or a collection of other insects, it would seem that almost any animal is not completely off our menu in some parts of the world. Check out some of the most bizarre animals that are eaten on our planet.

10. Elephant

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Can you believe that some people actually eat elephant? Well they do and it is one of the reasons that elephants are now an endangered species. The Forest elephant is one such type of elephant that is not only hunted for its ivory but also for the abundance of meat that they have. A large elephant can have as much as a thousand pounds of meat – making it a prime target for poachers.

When you think about the amounts of money that can be made from poaching elephants – you can understand just why it is so difficult to protect them. It is truly disgusting that people are making huge money while killing off an endangered species and whoever eats elephants should be ashamed of themselves too as they are fueling the illegal activity.